Enigma Media: Independent and Proud Founding Member of the IMAA

In February 2020 Enigma joined as a founding member for a new industry association, the Independent Media Agencies of Australia (IMAA), to drive stronger representation alongside the global and regional media agencies.

According to the IMAA, while independent media agencies drive around $2.5bn, or a quarter of all media ad spend in Australia, they haven’t always had a voice that represents their unique position, until now.

Justin Ladmore, Managing Director of Enigma Media had this to say about being a founding member at launch:

“A few of us independent agencies got together last year during a conference, and to be honest, we were all eyeing each other off a bit as the competition. But a few conversations later we all quickly realised we were facing similar challenges and could benefit from a stronger unified voice. We’ve formed new friendships as well as a new voice for the industry.”

“It’s all about being heard, so that we can give our clients greater options in the market. We have a unique perspective, as most of us are business owners or very close to the business, and our teams have a lot of depth and experience. We can benefit from each other’s strengths as well as access more sessions from a wider number of media owners and put those learnings to good use.”

“What I really love about it is that it will also give my team a stronger connection to the media world and the opportunity to meet, mingle and mentor with other people in similar roles, sharing the challenges and the joys of their roles.”

According to Justin, the response from clients has been really positive, and they are all looking forward to seeing the fruit of the industry collaboration develop in the months ahead.