Made for Australiana

Made for Australiana is an engaging, ‘puntastic’ idea that positions the Outback as the new family vehicle of choice for Australians created by our ECD’s Pete Buckley and Tim Brown @ Disciple, now part of Enigma.

Collaborating with comedy legend Billy Birmingham, the original creator of Austen Tashus’s classic comedy “Australiana”, the campaign bought to life something all Aussies can relate to – a family road trip.

The idea portrays the Outback as a family vehicle in a way that was distinctive, rather than completely different or clichéd, in the large SUV segment.

The Made for Australiana campaign turned a niche vehicle into a mainstream SUV choice. The campaign exceeded all objectives. By pushing people along the path to purchase with a mix of ATL and digital retargeting, Made for Australiana increased market share by 345% to move Outback up to number four in the Large SUV segment.